Lenovo turns out to be secretly prepare Lenovo lemon 3

10 Feb 2016

Unknown to Lenovo turns out to be secretly prepare Lenovo lemon 3, even if the phone is currently in the coming month of January 2016. To see the specifications of this phone is a tight competitor of Xiaomi Redmi new 3 was released some time ago. Its specifications are not very different and most likely harganyapun is competitive.

As we all know, some of the leading sites of this mobile phone for the price range is 110 euros and if dirupiahkan tap figure of Rp. 1.6 million. We believe that the quality of the mobile phone, this phone is Rp. 2 millions and if one day went to be priced a bit high. Very curious about this phone, check out her review below.
Lenovo’s latest 3 lemon-
Lenovo lemon 3
Clear the screen size 5 inches

The screen is where the mobile phone’s core business is to have nice views and also when it is used. As the phone screen size 5 inches already installed, as well as in terms of resolution and density were diangka 1080 x 1920 pixels, or commonly referred to as Full HD density 441 ppi. These data indicate that the Lenovo lemon 3 more better than Xiaomi Redmi 3, which is still in the corresponding resolution HD screen Bezel. IPS-LCD more sharpness on any of the images that appear on the. Unfortunately, it is not yet known whether or not a particular screen coating, scratch or not.

A Duet with the standard camera 14 MP 5 MP


Harga HP Lenovo Lemon 3, Spesifikasi RAM 2 GB Murah 1 Jutaan

Deny the camera is still in the area, the main reasons consumers choose a Smartphone. Camera phones, the larger the lens size is a major consideration before you decide to buy a phone. Lenovo lemon 3 really embedded in the standard camera 13 Megapixels the size on the back of the hand is still used commonly for mobile phone middle class, 2 GB of RAM. To be sure, the quality of the images is already pretty good and can compete with the other camera phones are the same size. Although the operation of camera of 5 mega pixel gambarpun selfie enough, the result is quite good and sharp.

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